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Naiia Lajoie "I've worked with Justin on several occasions; he's been my safety diver on sets, he's been my dive instructor, I've been his shoot assistant, and we've collaborated on photo shoots numerous times. I can honestly attest to the fact that each time is more streamlined and facilitated compared to the last. He's open to input & ideas and as a photographer, is able to gage a model's comfort level underwater and adjust accordingly. He works fast, his edits are beautiful, and overall he's honestly one of the best underwater photographers I've ever seen."

Naiia Lajoie
Raven Lynette "I cannot recommend working with Justin enough! His artistic eye, technical skills, and calm and encouraging demeanor all make for an incredible experience. From start to finish he is a joy to collaborate with! He's open to crazy ideas and has plenty of his own. From the initial concept planning, his meticulous set up and attention to detail on set, to his beautiful post production, Justin makes sure you get amazing results!"

Raven Lynette
Dijana Dumancic "I met Justin at a workshop in Thailand. It was certainly a pleasure to have the opportunity to collaborate with him. Justin is personable and incredibly creative, with a fabulous sense of humor - never a dull moment! Working with him was easy and felt natural. I instantly felt safe and at ease. Justin’s tips and instructions are easy to follow, enabling a joint vision to come to life. His body of work is proof of his amazing talent and passion for photography."

Dijana Dumancic
Hannah Mermaid "Working with Justin is a delight! He is so thorough, detail-oriented, and highly skilled that you can be assured his results always succeed. I love his calm and relaxed demeanor to work with, and his generous and collaborative spirit!"

Hannah Mermaid
Sacha Senisch "Working with Justin is amazing. From his care to lighting and set up, his ideas, patience and he makes one feel very comfortable in the water. Justin’s eye for the work is brilliant. He has been one of my favorite photographers to work with."

Sacha Senisch
Brooke Wilson "Justin is amazing! He’s professional, patient, hilarious and dedicated. His attention to light and color set him apart. If you have a vision, he’ll support it. I’m looking forward to working with him again!"

Brooke Wilson
@orangecountymermaid "Shooting underwater can leave even the most experienced model feeling like a ‘fish out of water’! Justin is a pleasure to work with; patient, humble, and most importantly– he gets the shot! I would recommend him to models of any ability who are looking to add underwater images to their portfolio!"

Kristin Parker "Justin is an amazing photographer, professional, patient, and very pleasant to work with. Although I had never done underwater modeling, I instantly felt at ease working with him. He is excellent at giving direction, open to collaborative ideas, and does what it takes to get the perfect shot. His clear creative vision and strategic use of light and movement bring to life majestic photographs. I would love to work with him again and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a uniquely creative experience."

Kristin Parker
SHEROES ENTERTAINMENT, LLC "Justin is a pleasure to work with on set. His calm, professional, demeanor ensures that a set is run fluidly and well while his clever use of timing and lighting captures dozens of beautiful, print-worthy, commercial photos with every set. Your only issue will be finding which masterpiece to use for your next product spot!"

Abbey Boutwell @mermaidvlogs "The best part about working with Justin is that he is just as passionate about the art as I am. I always feel inspired to dig deep and make something magical. He is a joy to work with and I’d recommend him to anyone!"

Abbey Boutwell @mermaidvlogs
Pontea "Working with Justin was just a fantastic and memorable experience. We had such a blast during our shoot. He was patient and taught me how to properly breathe and release air to get a good amount of time underwater. Before I knew it, I was a pro and getting experimental and bold with trying new poses and outfits. Justin truly captured STUNNING shots. He has a keen artistic eye. I felt safe and comfortable every step of the way. Going to enjoy these photos forever and want to blow up a few of them for my home."

Sacha Senisch "Working with Justin is amazing. From his care to lighting and set up, his ideas, patience and he makes one feel very comfortable in the water. Justin’s eye for the work is brilliant. He has been one of my favorite photographers to work with."

Sacha Senisch
Evelien Peters "Justin is a great photographer to work with, he gives lot's of advice to get a perfect shot. The editing and light effects he uses are stunning. Too bad you live half a world away, cause I want to shoot more with you!"

Evelien Peters
Meagan Jones "I highly recommend working with Justin for underwater projects. He has a keen eye for beautifully composed photos, and is incredibly patient and kind. I had so much fun working with him and I will cherish these photos for a lifetime."

Meagan Jones
Daein Kang "Justin is a consummate professional. He’s very approachable and easy to work with.. always coming up with new ideas and approach. I felt comfortable working with him in multiple sessions throughout the day- even when I was feeling fatigued. Look forward to working with him in future endeavors. "

Daein Kang
Christine Ren @theunderwaterwoman "Justin always brings his all to every creative collaboration. He is easy-going with a no ego approach and depth of knowledge related to the technicals of both underwater and above water lighting, camera work and staging. He’s a great team player and I’d highly recommend working with him."

Christine Ren @theunderwaterwoman

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