Photo Credit: Heather V. Bartlett

Filmmaker | Photographer | Adventurer

Justin Lutsky

I am an accomplished filmmaker and experienced underwater photographer/operator/safety diver. I’m passionate about storytelling and the business of entertainment. I have a diverse background in narrative, commercial, music video and branded content creation, having worked effectively as a director, editor and producer of film, television and advertising for many years. With each new project I aim to bring a “larger-than-life”, cinematic experience to audiences everywhere and strongly believe that collaboration is key to any successful creative endeavor.

I am an adventurer, from mountain tops to ocean bottoms. I am an expert skier and professional SCUBA diver and love where those passions have lead me over the years. I will happily embark on a heli-ski trip to find un-tracked powder, or meet you at the bottom of a water-filled cavern or sunken wreck. As a PADI Open Water SCUBA instructor, I have been able to share that sense of adventure with others, forging new friendships while helping students find confidence and joy exploring places they never thought possible.

Not only a skilled underwater shooter and dive support professional, my experience ranges from open water documentaries to confined water narrative work, portrait photography and behind-the-scenes imagery and safety diving for the film and entertainment industry. Having directed numerous films, commercials and music videos, many of which involved significant stunt work and action sequences, I also have a strong understanding of both the creative aspects of storytelling, and the technical logistics of film production.

Major certifications include PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructor, Divemaster, Public Safety Diver and Tec 40. I am also a member of the Riverside County Sheriff’s department dive team, assisting in underwater search and recovery operations, and an associate member of the Society of Camera Operators (SOC).