Underwater Play Days

An ongoing series of group events, helping humans flow while exploring the exciting world of underwater imagery!

In a world that demands we move fast and break things, we also need to create time and space to cultivate our capacity for stillness, slowness and surrender. That’s what the Underwater Play Days are all about. In these full-day immersions, you’ll experience a cultivated series of embodied surrender exercises and underwater movement techniques that facilitate new levels of freedom and flow.

In the morning you’ll work in small groups with Christine Ren, The Underwater Woman, learning valuable techniques in underwater movement and surrender. Christine’s skill sets and work history are an eclectic mix of marine science, professional dance and entrepreneurship, but at her core, she is an artist and passionate visual storyteller:


Then, you’ll get some epic, underwater portraits from photographer Justin Lutsky during individual photo sessions throughout the afternoon!


If you’re interested in joining our next immersion or want to discuss a Play Day event in your area just get in touch!

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